About us

Livestream Team

As a recently married couple, we understand the needs of a wedding, especially during this COVID-19 situation.

We started off by helping family & friends livestream their weddings so more could attend their special event. We remembered our own wedding experience and knew what mattered to us, these – the precious memories that were captured for a long time to come.

These moments only happen once and we wanted someone who knew how to capture these moments, is reliable and professional.

Our Story

We Focus on Livestreaming Weddings.

No fluff, straight-forward, reliable streaming of your wedding for your online guests. We leave the storytelling, post-production and videography to the professionals – focusing on what’s happening live – right there, on stage.

Our Approach​

We know your needs in this season.​

You want someone reliable, dependable and knows their stuff. You want a clean, uninterrupted live stream with smooth transitions, moving from one scene to the next.

An experienced team that understands your program, capturing key moments for the live audience.

We provide a consultation to discuss your wedding needs. No obligation.

How We Can Help You

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Share with us your needs and we will customise a livestream wedding package for you.

Ready to Livestream Your Wedding?