Livestreaming Procedures

Your Livestreaming Director will be able to provide the service on the livestreaming procedures for your wedding. But here’s what you can expect.

Planning Matters

A successful livestream doesn’t happen on its own without prior planning. Amongst our clients, we’ve seen the best results when couples consider the online guests experience and invest a little time with the livestream crew to plan an engaging program for their online guests weeks ahead of the actual event. 

The steps below gives you an idea what goes behind the scenes with couples that want a memorable and engaging wedding livestream.

Step 1

Confirm the provisions of key technical requirements, specifically the WIFI speed at venue (using a tool like ) and the sound system for the onsite event. The livestream station will pull the audio feed from the venue for the livestream audience. This is especially important for outdoor or hybrid wedding events.

We recommend:

  • For 1080p video at 60 frames per second, the bitrate range is 4,500 to 9,000 kbps. In upload speeds, that means between 5.6 Mbps and 11 Mbps.

If applicable, you may need to request 3rd-party WIFI support or cellular bonding options to stream your event online at a decent quality.

If you like to geek out on various options, click on 'Read more' for the bandwidth needed for a good quality  livestream.

Read More10-4 Weeks Before Event

Step 2

Runsheet/Program for LIVE audience

Meet up with your livestream crew online for a run-through on the livestream programming. The biggest tip on a successful wedding livestream is to think of your online event as a separate one from the onsite event.

With proper planning, this is possible without much additional work. Your livestream director can give you inputs and suggestions for an engaging program for your online guests. 

You may wish to involve your wedding coordinator at this stage so we can acquaint with him/her for the programming.

Read More3-4 Weeks Before Event

Step 3


Prepare and send your wedding montage, childhood photos, couple interviews, worship/performance/song item etc and send them to your livestreaming crew.

There is no need to have ALL the videos. Do what works for you as a couple.

Prepare a short thank you speech or note for your online guest to thank them for being at your wedding.

You may choose to record a video of it or do up a slide.

Some of these videos can be done at home or self-filmed.

Read More1 Week Before Event

Step 4

Assign a trusted friend to be the point of contact to coordinate your livestream. The livestream director will brief you on key moments to prepare for on the actual day. 

You may also want to introduce your videographer/ photographer to coordinate our positions to get the camera angles for your livestreaming.

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Step 5

Get Married. 
Wave to the livestream camera as you would to your guests online. 

Make a short thank-you speech for your online guests as we prepare to sign off.

Prepare a USB stick to retrieve a recording of the livestream. 

If you are using Youtube for your Livestreaming, the interactive chat widget will appear on the same page 24 hours after the event. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any technical requirements I need to be concerned about?

Prior to the event, our crew will get acquainted with the venue layout, WIFI options. Areas which are very new or have poor WIFI infrastructure will require additional bandwidth support. Most venues now provide sufficient WIFI for wedding livestreaming. 

Some venues do not have in-house audio system and/or sound technicians. You may need to source for these equipment rental separately or request a quote from one of our partners.

My venue has poor wifi upload speeds

While most wedding venues now provide sufficient bandwidth for livestreaming, in certain settings, it may not be so.

A good wedding livestream on Youtube needs approximately 5-11 mbps for a 720-1080p stream. If this is too technical for you, all you need is to go to at the venue during your visit and click ‘GO’ where the livestream station will be to get an estimate. 

This is the best way we can advise you if you need to get more bandwidth. The estimated costs involved depends on the quality of stream you are comfortable with (1080p is the optimal) and 4G or 5G coverage in the area. 

Anything to brief my team about on the wedding day?

Wedding helpers are eager to make sure the couple’s event run as smooth as possible. Due to the very tight space we usually operate in and the intensity required to work through the livestream, helpers who are over enthusiastic may crowd around our operating area that day. We appreciate that there is only ONE single point of contact to cue us to start the livestreaming and collate feedback from your helpers such that there is only one point of contact to prevent overwhelm on our livestream director. 

We understand that wedding events may/may not start on time on actual day and will play wedding montage on loop before cutting the camera to the livestream. It is important for the key point of contact to cue us accurately when it’s 2-5mins of actually starting. Think about news broadcasting – we want to cut the livestream into action and avoid awkward angles of catching guests behind the scenes when the couple isn’t ready.

We have an alternative site for bad weather

Your wedding is an outdoor one and an alternative venue is provided for in case it rains. Provision for alternative setups can be made. Indicate this early and we can chat on possible arrangements, depending on the venue layout etc. 

What's the URL for the livestream? We need it to prepare our invites

Each of our client receive a unique livestreaming link that looks like this: (try it out!)

This link is a placeholder and will redirect to the actual Youtube link on the event day. Some couples use this link to collect well-wishes (like an online guest book) for guests who are curious to investigate the link ahead of the event. 

If you choose to do the same, we will forward you the collated well wishes in xls format post-event. 

Tips on getting engagement on the chat during livestreaming.

High engagement on the chat widget is usually more planned than organic. Get a couple of friends to make some noise on your Youtube chat early in the livestream. Once the chat starts moving, guests feel safe and will contribute to the momentum. 

Assume that they had a good time online, thank them and let them know you will read the chat when you get to it during your sign-off speech.

Do you provide overlays for e-angbaos via Paynow QR code to be displayed for livestream guests?

Yes, we do. You can provide us with the QR code and we will send you a mock up overlay to you for testing. 

Subtlety is key in this context. We suggest very light (under a minute) display of the QR code, at max, twice, during the event. 

Your RSVP may have your contact details as well. A simple (Paynow) behind your mobile number may be sufficient. 

Some of our guests opt not to include these mentions totally on screen or in the emcee’s script. And online guests do still send e-angbaos during the event.

This is totally up to you.

I have online guests in China. I want to interact with a specific group of friends via Zoom. And other special requests.

Your request may be unique. Do mention these things early in our engagement. We can make arrangements to support your requirements through workarounds or engaging professional vendors to assist where the technical portions require specialised broadcasting equipment. 

Our networked partners support streaming of large scale corporate events, esports and regional news broadcasting with ultra-low latency to budget one-day on-location high bandwidth wifi solutions. 

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